What's your greatest achievement in building?

What is your greatest acheivements in building,what did you build and why are you proud of it (i.e. suspension truck - suspension - pic)

mine is my podracer here the pic:

what makes me proud about it is how big it is and its looks and how i made this was because i finally opened my eyes fully to building because of one person on this forum: hunta (cred to him for that)


also provide a pic i meant to add to my prev post and to hunta: im truely sorry for bumping all your pod racer threads

Fucking hands down


Mah apc, gotta wait 10 more days for monies so I can finally get a new mouse and build something better.

I made a big, japanese, modern style building with the wood and glass PHX plates. I don’t have a save or pic’s, reinstalled GMOD and forgot the saves folder. But you guys should try it, building houses out of wooden rooves and wooden floors, with glass walls looks pretty badass.

Holy shit, why didn’t I see that thread before? that’s freakin awesome.

And this uses tank treads? anyways i still need to learn to use the nocollide to lots…

Also that is SEXY

They are actually fake lol.

This is an old contraption and not the final version of it…but it is the best pic i have of it. It’s an LCAC hovercraft, Fully inflatable/collapsible apron and it was moved(not very well) by Fins. and the Ramps front and back fold and unfold.

Not 2 take it away from Delta, but my podracer has 2 b my pride and glory seeing as I invented and developted the system behind it

The ball-of-shit me and bender took a whole 5 min to put together.
<-- Its also my profile picture

I severely doubt anything can top it




as for serious; i think this is the most complex and awesome project i’ve been a part of, Penis Colada and I built it

the pedals and steering wheel moved, it was badass


i was proud of this too


this too, i hand nocollided and parented every body prop

My expressions that I use for pretty much everything now.

Suspension, Steering, Walkers, Newtonian Space flight, and more… all very versatile.

Well, my super cruiser with all the fighters might be my fav contraption, but out of everything I’ve ever built for the sake of sexy, I’m still proud of this. It might not be a contraption, but it am purty

Fucking hell, that’s awesome.

Jeus’s freaken holy balls!

but sadly, I don’t think it will ever be completed…:frown:


by far

too bad i cant find the qgatto apc i made with karbine

With all the things iv buit over the years its hard to choose a single contraption as my greatest. So i’ll show you my top 3 favorites.

Certainly The Angro AN-513 has to be up there somewhere

Along with Donigon - My M.A.N.T.A escort

And the Naughtiless carrier from my ICN navy days

I can not forget my Metro Police Car - it was a classic :smiley:

damn I can’t make stuff like this <=/