What's your most craziest raid story

Just got back from my first one,106 high quality,1,100, metal frags, 4,000 wood, and a Thompson.
And I framed another guy for the raid:v:

These also had the resources to build a sentry turret, I just raided their secondary base.
I pity the guy I framed it on.

Titles the question

Mine was a counter-raid. A couple of raiders broke into our complex and walled off our door, so we C4ed our own house, burst out of the wall, and mowed down the stunned raiders

Good sacrifice

used the helicopter to raid a guys base.

I fired off 4 c4 to get into his furnace hold and then had a gun fight with the heli. It started firing rockets and opening up anything I hid behind for me. opended up the loot room, the sleeper room and kbnocked down their sniper tower. Best part is when they logged back on they couldn’t figure out why the heli killed them as sleepers.

I don’t even remember what I got out of it. It was good, but the experience was the best part. I’ve not had as much success since then getting the heli to do the work for me but it has still been helpful.

Well that’s one way how to do it

back in legacy i had an awesome raid.

was wandering through the woods, and found a small shack with a wooden door. i hit the door heaps of times, and it fell in, then i rushed the place and stole their coal! the look on their faces (i imagine anyway, they weren’t there at the time) was awesome. i felt so 133t.

I was so nervous during the raid, I later found out they had set up a sentry turret without ammo😆

A long time ago I jumped on a roof and fell into the window raided and got c4 bp back on legacy

we raided a little half build four up four down shack that looked like a noobie had just started to build when we got in there we found about 30 different rifles machine guns pistols a ton of BP and enough mats to build the house 10 times over

Destroyed the foundations of an tower while an online raid 7 defenders dropped on us dead

It’s raining men!

I always use bait, to find my raid victims. I leave a section of my house, unlocked, with a certain amount of goods tucked away inside, and I will track anyone that goes in and steals my stuff.

Anyways, it was just this one guy this one time, and after taking the bait, I tracked him down to his base in the nearby rocks. Turns out that he was a part of a 3-man group, and they had a system where they would remove the stairs every time they entered the base, and they would just jump out whenever they wanted to leave.

They had a collection of little bunkers littering the area, all with cupboards within them, apparently, and I ended up not being able to find a way approach the base directly, without being seen.

Now, they had a twig floor set up, extending past the rock underneath their base, with some foundations underneath, where they would place the stairs when entering, and where they would jump off of when leaving. So, I set up a pit of snare traps underneath the floor, on the foundations, and I waited until they left as a group.

I was never able to get all 3 of them huddled together at the same time, but I did get the first two as they were about to jump off, by shooting the twig foundation, and sending them to their deaths upon the snare traps below, and then I managed to throw my spear into the head of the last guy before he could react.

Dipshit did not even close the door before he died. Managed to get to the door with some gymnastics, and mowed down their fresh spawns just in time, before they managed to get the door closed again (it was a close call, though, and almost ruined the entire plan). Found a cache of C4, which I used to destroy the beds, and then the front door.

Only door that they had to get inside of the base. So I just placed my own, and blew open the interior doors later on as I got the resources, effectively making the base mine. It was cute, afterwards, because they would keep trying to bumrush me. They got me a couple of times, but were never able to take their base back before the wipe.

Clever girl

Awhile ago I was playing on a heavy multiplier modded server. The server used LiveMap which I use religiously. At this particular time however there were two individuals on the server who were trainwrecks in the making. Both were kids I am assuming and one was even a moderator. Well, the story goes that these two were wrecking the servers players.
The Mod used his FLY to go around the map and scout bases and then to make friends with new players he would show them the base (while he went inside and looked for loot) and they would raid it.
At the time, these two went around and literally cleaned house.
All the while, I was not logged in but rather watching the LiveMap chat (it was only the two of them logged at the time) and seeing what they were doing. A good 4 hours of doing this, the two decided they had enough as they looted everyone (but me) and logged.
It was at that time that I decided to log on and went tripping around the map to the areas I “thought” they could be in.
I finally came around a corner to see a stone base (made very loosely) with a Paint sign reading this guys name. With no effort at all I broke in and it was like Valhalla…my eyes popped out of my head. The entire servers supply of C4 and explosives. I took as much as I could but had very little room. These guys stacked boxes on boxes of loot that I literally jumped over each one to get to.
Then, I just quietly destroyed his entire base.
Next morning,they were on and everyone was bitching about it and so I decided to turn robin hood and gave as much back as I could.
Funniest part was them in chat wondering how the hell I did it

No rockets used.

We had a huge compound by the airfield, raided a bunch of bases around us. Turns out one of the bases was allied with the only other large compound across the airfield. We didn’t really mess with them as they stayed on their side and we stayed on our side. But third day into the one week wipe cycle, we noticed a new 3x3 built close to our base.

They were home, two guys. I go up and start hugging their walls and asking them “this is my land, you need to pay or gain permission to build on my land”, they obviously don’t like what I say so they try to shoot me but I end up killing them. I ask my crew to come, they boost me up to the enemies base and I manage to go deep as the guy opens the top door. We end up with loads of sulfur, hqm, guns, etc. The guy ends up giving me the codes in global chat and I walk out of his base Scott free.

On our way back home, it’s getting dark. I notice a guy in a bucket helmet stare at me through some rock formations and run off when he notices me noticing him. I direct my team to search for this guy, we don’t find him but we find a 1x2 one storey building in between some rocks. Now it’s dark, we listen for foot steps. I direct a member of my team to bank the good shit from the prior raid. As this happens, I notice an AK stick through the armoured door and tell the rest of my members to prepare. The guy opens the door and starts shooting, we start firing back. There’s at least 5 of them in the little shitty 1x2. After killing them all, what we find in the large chest is 33 rockets! All of which we hurriedly banked at home.

Turns out, a group we raided the day prior was allied with the only other big compound on the airfield. So, they wanted to get revenge and were preparing to hit us. They had numerous other 2x2 and 1x2s around our compound with cupboards and sleeping bags. What spooked these guys was that the base we raided was right behind their 1x2 raid base. We used one rocket on that base before the guy gave us all codes. These guys I assume, were probably tripping with all there rockets inside, so they sent a scout to see what was up. And that scout led us to the 1x2, and it was history from there.

This happened on rustafied an official vanilla 1 week cycle server.

Heres a picture of what we got:


Holly cow