What's your opinion on workshop/current modding situation?

I just bring this up because I’m growing more and more frustrated with this utility every time I try and use it. This probably won’t make me many friends, but let’s look back at Gmod 12 for a second. Let’s say that I wanted to edit a SWEP, just to change the default fire-mode from auto to semi-auto.

  1. Open the shared.lua text file.
  2. Change what needs changing.
  3. Save.
  4. ??
  5. PROFIT/Try it out.


  1. Use some ghetto extractor tool to turn the GMA file into a regular folder. Wait five minutes for it to do it’s thing.
  2. Go in and change what needs changing.
  3. Save.
  4. Use the Workshopper utility, which takes forever, because apparently I need to be able to write a research paper just to stick a mod on Workshop.
  5. Wait for an hour while it re-compiles everything into a GMA file. Re-start when you realize you accidentally left the “info.txt” file in there.
  6. Repeat step 5 because it didn’t work the first time.
  7. Try to upload to workshop, fail horribly because your mod didn’t even download.
  8. Repeat steps 4 through 7 again.
  9. Try it out. It didn’t work, you accidentally tapped the space bar one too many times.
  10. Rage quit.

Look, Garry and the rest of the Gmod team, I get it. You’re busy, people are constantly bitching at you to fix X or Y, the last update appeared to have summoned Cthulu and you need to stop him from devouring the world while everyone freaks out and sends you hate mail. I don’t want to come across as the whiny mofo who thinks he needs to reform everything to fit his personal needs, all I’m asking is that we look at this thing with a little objectivity.

What do you guys think? Do you like workshop or not? Maybe make it easier to really get into the nuts and bolts of a mod, or are you happy with how things are? Keep it civil, people.

I think the workshop’s shit for addons. They should stick with garrysmod.org and SVN/Git.

  1. Use the GMADConv to turn the GMA file into a regular folder ( needs just a few seconds!)
  2. Go in and change what needs changing.
  3. Save.
  4. Upload it to garrysmod.org. ( if you dont want to use the workshopper-tool :slight_smile: )

And, yes i like the workshop.

Steam workshop sucks i prefer garrysmodorg alot more thing is i SUCK at using WINRAR :frowning:

While I like the idea of the workshop, I hate the way it was carried out. I like being able to download things from my game without having to go to my addons folder, but for super special addons like wiremod, I like to install them myself. Being able to modify scripts simply by going into the addons folder is nice, but with the GMA format you have to essentially decompile/decompress the files before you can do anything. I also read a lot about modders saying that server owners need to read the scripts they get before using them to make sure that they are not malicious, like deleting or overwriting the entire addons/data folder. With GMA’s you cannot do that easily.

I prefer Workshop, less kids use older versions of gamemodes, maps, and addons. If the addon creator really wants players to make something out of his or her addon then they can post it on the forums.

Why do you need to re upload it? Just change what you want, stick that folder in your addons, disable the workshop version and bam, you’re good

I think it gives more reasons for people to re-upload actually…

These general automated systems are required but it doesn’t mean you have to use them…

You don’t have to use them. It’s totally up to the addon creator to release it for scripting purposes.

While I did have difficulty publishing my first workshop addon, I find it beyond simple to extract and edit addons.
I’ve always used GMADConvGui to extract addons.

Yes, you have to decompress it once, then you have your copy you can edit and work on. It’s not like you have to decompress it every time you want to change something.

Yes. That is common sense.

IMO it’s very easy.

Workshop’s better for users because you just push one button and the addon is installed, unlike gmod.org or svns where people can never seem to figure out the folder structure or how to install them properly, devs can stop wasting time troubleshooting incorrect installs and have more time to actually fix any problems. Why should an addon system be designed around ease of editing other people’s stuff? Honestly, if you can edit lua, you should just as easily be able to use garry’s command line tool to extract/pack gma files. Only cons really are the lack of delta updates, the license, and it’s just way too easy to just upload other people’s shit as your own now so there’s that everywhere…

I’m fine with the workshop, but Garrysmod.org was fine. All you ever had to do was download something and shove it in the addons folder.

I can definitely get where some of you guys who favor the workshop are coming from. I will whole-heartedly admit that it’s quite a bit faster than garrysmod.org, and easier most of the time. I guess that for me, it just got irritating having to decompile a whole GMA file just to fix one little thing. (Like changing guns from full to semi-auto only. One of my biggest pet peeves in the world, haha.) Most of the time I can just de-comp it once and then use it like a regular addon, but every once in a while I run into a mod that has to be re-compiled to work.

While you do have a valid point - I found it so much easier to do anything add-on-related in the previous version -, I’m more concerned about the flexibility of the Workshop. People should not be allowed to just post anything there. Worthless saves and awful duplicated poses fill up too much space and make it almost impossible to find really good content.

Ah Gmod Workshop, home of stolen content and sex poses.

This sounds stupid and it’s pretty much the point but steam workshop seems to me to be too…easy I’m not sure what word to use but I like to save mods i use really use them and on garrysmod.org it seems…well anyways steam workshop seems to easy just to go “ADD ALL THE MODS”

Garrysmod.org is still the best in my opinion. Too “complicated” for the little kiddies to go and mess it up.

If they reconfigured the way addons on Garrysmodmod.org work to work with 13 without having to do a dozen extra steps I’d be fine with it.

I dislike how I have to, as far as I know, launch Garry’s Mod to download my stuff. Bit of a pain in the arse while coding. The whole .gma thing is annoying, too, especially since my server doesn’t seem to recognise them.

Very small issues, but there isn’t really need for them.

The whole style/design of the workshop is nice, though.

It used to be 1,000,000 Adv Dupe files now it’s 1,000,000 poses.

But, it’s pretty interesting, it’s good for not needing to worry about updating, but that whole GMA file thing bothers me a tad, just need to get used to it.