What's your PHX SVN folder size?

I seem to remember the SVN download actually being ~250MB but the folder is taking 1.07GB. Seems a bit big for a prop pack…

Subfolders of phx (approx sizes):
data - 17KB
lua - 220KB
maps - 119MB
materials - 729MB
models - 244MB
scripts - 10.5KB
settings - 158KB
sound - 6.32MB

Just wondering if someone could verify that theirs is taking up the same amount of space, at least roughly. I’m concerned I may have duplicate copies of stuff.

I have immense lag when I switch to the Material tool. Wondering if perhaps it generates some sort of cache of the materials and that may be the cause of the gigantic size?


Mostly PHX is giving off the giant space user.

And with the materials that’s your PC not able to handle it.


not even a bit.

kiwi - yes, of course, I got that much from the folder size of PHX being so big…lol

And let’s not make this a “bash gmodlollers computer” thread. The performance lag is similar to when generating spawn icons, so my thinking is that a cache is being created every time it happens. I’d like that cache to stop deleting itself though, since that seems to be what happens.

flapjack, wtf.

Actually lets do. since most low end struggle.

But that’s not even the freaking point of the thread, I want to know if my PHX folder size is normal or not…

The Checkouted folder is 1.07 GB
The Exported folder is 548 MB.
If you don’t know what exporting is, look here http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324

That’s exactly right, thank you Divran :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I’m running out of room on this partition…I didn’t plan very well when I divided the drive for use with 3 different operating systems, so I’m just going to keep the inflated SVN copy as it is rather than mess with exported and pre-exported copies.

Means I don’t have PHX installed. Vanilla GMod :smiley:

warez. >.>

Cool, so not jumping on the bandwagon and downloading every “necessary” addon means you pirate GMod?

<Insert meme about a cool story here>