What's your plan to rise to power in Rust?

Personally, I always follow a build plan of -> finding raided base with furnace -> placing down a wood door -> gathering materials to build my own house -> use furnace to build metal door -> wait for night fall -> Construct house and than hunt/kill others to get guns/armor, maybe do some trading too.

Find pick axe kill noob kevlar. Full upgrade. Shoot one bullet, headshot admin. Hackusations followed by ban. Repeat.

How else do you play Rust?

Like an idiot



There’s one big problem with your first step…

If someone else built that house then unless you’re playing vanilla chances are theres a /remove or /destroy command the original builder can use to remove a wall and enter your base.

In fact, I’ve heard of people deliberately building ‘half-bases’ just so that someone will come along and finish it for their own use so they can go and raid them.

Beware :slight_smile:

Build a small house next to Small Rad. Loot a lot of Rad gear and pills. Make another small house next to Big Rad or Factory. Get blueprints, research kits, and some weapons. Once you’ve unlocked most of the stuff, go setup a big base in Hacker Valley. Farm a lot, get a team of friends or other players, craft weapons and kev, and hunt people. Repeat and enjoy

I usually do

  1. Intelligence: Get a bow and a stone hatchet, loot small rad -> big rad -> civ -> factory -> hangar -> small rad -> big rad -> … until large medkit, 9mm, 556, shotgun, p250 and at least M4 or Bolt Action are researched (at this point, armor should be half leather, half kevlar)
  2. Preparation: Farm a bit of wood and cloth, build 5 to 10 small 1x1 houses with wood door or, if possible, metal doors, a sleeping bag and a small crate in all the mountains within the road (well hidden)
  3. Uprise: Put a full set of armor, main and secondary weapon, ammo, food and medkits in each small chest until all your houses are full
  4. Domination: Start hunting people. They have all the rest you need (ammo, C4, kevlar, research kits, weapons)
  5. Reassure: Never go to sleep in one of the sheds. Always find a mountain, take a sleeping bag and a small crate, place it on a very high ground with as little angle as possible so people won’t find it when walking through the mountain and place your important stuff in there. Keep your guns and ammo on yourself. Then find another spot not too far away but also high up and log out.

If you die at some point you won’t lose very much because you haven’t spent four hours farming for wood to build a big-ass base that then only is being besieged or raided. You keep all your crafting recipes and you have enough sheds to respawn in and instantly re-equip yourself with your gear. If one or more of your sheds are found and raided, don’t care, there’s still 8 others.

So far this has worked great for me, 1x1 are hard to find. I haven’t been killed once while being logged out and most of my sheds decay before they are found and raided. It helps learning to navigate the map, you can not be besieged because suicide and respawn at a different base.
Always expect stuff you loot or build to be stolen and destroyed. Don’t put four hours in farming for huge bases that are instantly being besieged or raided and losing all your stuff you farmed.

Gather mats first: Shack w/ workbench, 2 small crates and a furnace hidden well in the mountains. Ignore loot spawns and focus on reds/materials. Make 1x1 with 2 metal doors. Done.

Just installed, psyched

This dont works if youre completly alone-

Preparation: When you spawn first look for the Rad citys aka Weapons spawns, till someone has a weapon or a Pickaxe. Dominate: Try being the most dominant group in a big loot spot like , recourse Hole , near small rad , next valley or recourse valley. The Beginning: Set up a 1x1 with a Metal door and start burning ore and farming wood. Security++: Make a Double door entrance that people cant get youre loot when you open the door- build up to the next floor and shoot from the roof if someone attacks you. Roaming: Go full leather with weapons kits and baricades and kill people on Next Valley they will have much wood and ores

Go for a Bigass Base
Start raiding everyone around you

This only works good if the Server is fresh wiped and youre not alone

  1. Collect enough wod for a shelter, Campfire and 2 barricades
  2. place shelter near mountains, using barricades to mask the front
  3. craft pointy sticks and a method to propel said pointy sticks.
  4. hunt Radimals and get met ore.
  5. get pipey
  6. Expand House to 2x2 with metal doors, being hidden is more of an objective than being “Unraidable”
    7.get sidearm (Anything Goes)
  7. Expand territory. everyone on my land must pay either 1 chocolate or 50 met frags, or else immediate shotgunning to the face will comence. (Once had a guy survive a shotty to the face, i just gave him all his stuff back for being awsome)
    9.Find clans/groups, watch their bases
  8. find one of the clan members while alone/on a supply run
  9. take clan member hostage, give him sleeping bag in new jail compound made of spikewalls.
  10. ransom said clan member for Ammo/Equipement/Mats/Chocolate
  11. Hand Prisoner over at exchange, or kill him if the clan refuses.
  12. take the stuff out of my house, as the clan now knows where i live
    15 build new house that is hidden

Rinse and Repeat.

Buy a server spawn in a 20x20x20 metal base, chest C4, chest Kevlar, chest M4’s. Best to put it right in front of Smallrad, like the most bad admins.

Edit: shoot fresh spawns all day in Smallrad with Bolt from you’re base.

U IS bEst ADMiN EVAAAA, You aDD me On FACeBOok So WE CaN PLay?!

If you don’t die, you live longer.

280 hours of experience.

Kill all the bambis.

Phase 1:

  • spawn
  • gather wood
  • agro wolf
  • run
  • run off cliff
  • break leg
  • take wolf bite to face
  • die

-gather wood
-hear footsteps
-spin around, see deer
-gather wood
-hear footsteps, ignore deer

  • receive shotgun bucks to back of head

-loot towns
-find kev armor and M4
-see naked with pick axe
-spray naked with M4
-receive pickaxe to face


Phase 2: ???

Phase 3: Dominate

That plan actually sounds pretty good