Whats your Take on Random DM'ing in RP servers?

Post your Hate, love, or Utter fear of it here!

Ill Start…



I want them to go back to playing counter strike.

It’s people that have the disadvantage of owning Counter-Strike or Counter-Strike: Source… Not that it’s a bad game, but once you step foot into CS:S you kinda wanna bring all of that into Garry’s Mod. It’s horrible!

It’s Fun Fun FUN! To RDM in DarkRp.

I mean why would they give you guns if you weren’t meant to kill? :smug:

honestly you can’t claim to be RLRP and disallow things that happen in RL. Ever hear of a mass murderer screaming “RAID!” before walking into a place and gunning down everything that moves? Sure it can be obnoxious, but if you don’t have that stupid NLR shit you can go about what you were doing or hunt the fucker down! You sure as hell can’t rely on “Cops” or “Admins”. They mostly go with the first thing they hear from somone they already know (Which can be an outright lie half the time).

Besides RP servers that are vacant of admins, poorly and/or non-seriously moderated ones attract this behavior. I just wished these “raiders” just put their “uber shooting skills” in zombie survival and actual deathmatch gamemodes. The only time when I approve of firearms in roleplaying are actual roleplaying situations that need them, such as bank robberies (no, not that “I SHOT CASE I R ROBER”).

Yes. I agree :stuck_out_tongue:


Indeed. There shoulden’t be “raiders” if its like darkrp. mabey some csdessert map mabey. Then it would make sense.

It’s pointless and stupid and only minges do it.