What's your tricks finding eachother?

Hello everyone,

I wondered how you guys find eachother. What’s the best tactics to group up?

If you aren’t familiar with landmarks or the general terrian I would use the sun/moon as a compass. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, just like in real life. I imagine there will be better methods in the future but for now this will have to do.

Campfires, Flares & Enormeous bases.

searching for them :quagmire:

I dont have beta, but meeting in a hill seems like a good idea.


Meeting up with people is far easier once you all have a sense of direction.

For example, in the eastern area of the map there’s a huge hill we call ‘the spine’ because it verges all the way from the northern mountain to the southern coast. There’s also the pre-made landmarks like ‘single hangar’ or ‘huge compound’ that we refer to.

Use the larger mountains to your advantage. When finding my friends I usually tell them to find the mountains and walk parallel to them until they get to the easternmost road. By ensuring that we are on the same road we can easily walk up or down it until we find eachother. Also having a map helps: http://i.imgur.com/Oj2nak0.jpg

Shoot 1st ask later

The sun, the moon, roads, mountains and the ocean.

its easy to find east in the morning and at dusk. Its also pretty easy to find the ocean (which is always to the south)

with those two in mind, you alredy have your basic north, south, east and west directions. After that- the road travels around a couple of large hills- and there are various settlements that are located along that road- which make it easier to find the group you are looking for

A few hints when looking for your buddies.

  • Travel at night- it is darkest before the dawn. You cant see a thing- but no one else can see either. If you have an idea of which direction you are heading then you will be fine.

  • Do not light any campfire or flares

  • stay within eyesight of landmarks such as roads and villages- but do not travel close to them- and stay off the road.

  • Travel through heavily forested wooded areas- stopping only next to trees or shrubbery.

  • don’t go close to resources/ animals

  • trust no one

  • use comms such as vent or teamspeak before attempting to group up- My group is kill on sight, however all people in teamspeak are blue.

  • give plenty of warning before approaching friendly settlements- If you are 100% sure that it is a friendly settlement, then this is a good time to light a flare or flash a torch.

Similarly, when your group is attempting to distinguish friend from foe- always fire a warning shot first if you aren’t sure they are friendly. A friendly will be quick to let people know that someone is shooting at them- in teamspeak or vent- this allows you to know that they are a friendly

Unfortunately when a group reaches a certain size it becomes a bit of a nightmare trying to distinguish friend from foe. Our group has reached more than 20, and distinguishing friendlies becomes near-impossible, however- your chances of surviving vastly increases.

Choosing to play in a group is possibly the best thing you can do for yourself in this game- make sure the group you find fits your ethics i.e do they help people or are they a bunch of bandits- also teamspeak/ vent should be mandatory.

ask if hes near a landmark like compounds or airfield roads, something like that, is he close to the water? if you think hes close just shoot once and if he hears it he shoots and you go in the direction of the shot, sun and moon dont seem to be too helpfull for me, maybe im just stupid though…

Using this map combined with landmarks: http://playrust.net/RustMap.jpg (credits to whoever)

I put a door in the center of the road. Tell my friends to run along the road until they come to a door. They find door, I run to road, get them, bring them back, and bam. Though it does take a while for them to find the door in the road. Pretty efficient system…

I found wtfboy by calling out a compound.

The best way is by using the road and location of nearby buildings (not player built) and compounds.