What's your views on the GMod-community JokerIce?

Yeah, I’d like to know what everyone thinks of the community, I recently left, I’m not sure whether this is for the best, but as far as I can see, it was.

I’d say they have the most unfair Founder ever.

Everyone I’ve seen with the tag is either a jackass or a 10 year old.

They DDoS attacked Chris aster(Fucking cencor) Whether or not he did something to deserve it, that is just too far.

ITT: Jokerice are a bunch of immature idiots.

Why thanks guys i will take everything you say into consideration being as i am trying to make my community better over time and get rid of the idiots.

Your one of em.

All gmod communities suck ass and this is one of the really shitty ones.

JokerIce is great, at least the founder cares enough to put effort into making it better and everything he does is for others.

It’s pathetic to see the angry butthurt kids coming here to cry because they got banned, I’m surprised people are even listening to them considering their not even old enough to be online.

We did that for a reason i mean what were we supposed to do with that guy being an idiot and attacking our servers.
He deserved it and so does anyone else who followed him!

Why don’t you just get out of here unless you have anything relevant to say.

Considering you haven’t even touched my community and you were one of those annoying people from ‘InterWebz’ and ‘Shadys’ back in the past you are here just to annoy me being as i was one of the old founders for ‘InterWebz’ that you didn’t like.

Don’t know much about their community, but i have spend alot of time on their sledge build server, that was an interresting mod :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing JI for nearly a year now (?), and I can’t say I’ve ever come across admin abuse. Sure, even I feel that the DOS against chris was over the top (you don’t fight fire with fire), but hey, once you get to know some of the dev’s / founders, you get into a community spirit. :v:

In my opinion: Lay off BomBom. He does his best, running a community is bloody hard work.

JokerIce… JokerIce… JokerIce… Nope, never heard of them!

So he should ddos you for ddos’ing him? Your logic is flawed, and you just proved how much of an idiot you are.

So if I crash your server, you will ddos / dos me? And then you get your contract with your ISP terminated and arrested? Have fun in jail mate.

You mean doing his best putting 50 mb/s into someone’s internet connection? In my opinion he can

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Weren’t you one of the higher up guys there?


It’s spelled Shadys.

My last contact with a JokerIce member was actually alright. Can’t remember who it was though. In the past they’ve resorted to some pretty underhand measures to annoy me, but things might’ve changed since then.

To be honest i do try my best to run JokerIce but that i suppose isn’t good enough.
Oh and flapjack if you had people exploiting your servers and attacking them even if they were banned permanently from the servers then you wouldn’t sit there and let it happen!

UberMensch we go back a bit but haven’t really spoken to you for a while.

BomBom and I founded a little community known as InterWebz after GmodCentral collapsed under the weight of it’s own awesomeness. It went well, but we didn’t really see eye to eye. We parted ways and BomBom moved on to start JokerIce, while I stayed with InterWebz until I had to take it down a few months later due to running costs.

I’m back with another community called Flex Gaming, and we’re starting to move back into Gmod :wink:

I hope everything is working out great for you :slight_smile:
I really wish everything was great for JokerIce as well :confused:

There’s a lot of assholes spreading a lot of bullshit about JokerIce at the moment. Mostly people who’ve been perma banned for various perfectly valid reasons. My advice is to structure your own opinion instead of listening to them.

We have(At least I have) been trying to make our veterans stick around, but most of them are the scum that spread shit about the community and constantly nags people to leave with them.
And they whine and whine but never tells us what’s wrong.

Self defense, we only made him back off our servers. There’s no reason to defend Chrisaster anyway unless you actually liked what he was doing, and if you like what he was doing then give me your IP.

I think you’re thinking of me :wink:

I’ve never been banned from JokerIce, the only reason I hate you as a community, is because of your choice in ways to achieve your certain goals, which you just proved. My IP is dynamic, so as I said before:

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I would just like to add, I am very, very scared of your threats to DDoS attack me. I’ve been attacked before (<3 -=GG=-Cube) and really, really am scared of you now. I really will be staying up all night expecting you to come and stab me. I’m that scared.


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