Because I can’t wait for a year, and god knows if gmod is going to update to portal 2’s engine or be able to support it’s models.




I want this too, but I know I can wait until October, besides, I think you could get into legal trouble if you tried.

Someone made a model of the companion cube some time before gmod updated to the orange box engine, no legal trouble happened there.

That was no exact replica I believe, so it was close enough before the orange box update, anyway, you could extract the GCF files provided you owned the game. Portal 2 hasn’t been released yet too. I suppose you could make something similar, but, I wouldn’t mess with the idea. Don’t typical personality cores come close enough until the release?

pretty much the cake sphere from portal 1 with lots of detail added, would be possible with a bit of work

I tried to make one out of props, but it failed.