Wheatley's Excitement for Chell


I did almost the same thing Wheatly did!
There’s my laugh for today.

Yes, very yes.


At first I didn’t notice the thing behind the glass. Then I seriously lol’d, have a face.

Old up, lets age here for a bit.

We totally weren’t spammed by butthurter over steam.

I am currently selling fifteen juvenile human colons for five hundred cacti each.
Would you care to acquire some?

Of course not. Now, attend well. Squeeze your pheropods so the opposite sex may attend to you.

alright then lets do it

Claire, wash my back.

not gonna happen

Chell: Come closer to me, Wheatley!
Wheatley: I can’t. If I come close all over you, I WILL DIE.

I hope you don’t mind me asking, but where did you get that Chell model? Or is it a skin?


It’s a skin she only gives to her friends.

I thought you stopped doing sexposes.


I’m not complaining :q:.


She do have a nice body. Like the cam angle on the first picture.

I don’t see any pictures or text on the OP…Link please?