When a player respawns, reset everything?

I need it so when a player respawns, the loose everything they had in their past life. except the score. But when they respawn, they respawn with the standard team specific stuff.

I don’t understand what you’re trying to do. What do you want them to lose?

I want the player to loose all weapons on respawn. before the player gets his / her new loadout for the team.

That’s done automatically. When you die you lose every weapon you have, then you receive your loadout. Is this for a specific gamemode?

Yea it is. but it’s dirived from sandbox. there are 2 teams, each have a different loadout. But when i am team one, and decied to switch to team 2, i will just respawn with the new load out, PLUS the other stuff i had from the last team i was in. i will not loose the old stuff.

Make it so switching teams kills you. :slight_smile:

Edit : Or just use ply:StripWeapons()

I guess…,
Should i use ply:kill or ply:killsilent? Whats the difference?

kill will add a death or -1 score to the player for suicide. killsilent wont.

KillSilent I believe also makes you disappear instantly.

Could also do ply:Spawn().

ply:Spawn() is better than killing the person.

yeah, i did that… but for some reason it didnt get rid of their old weapons… so i have silentkill, then i have spawn.


when someone switches teams, it silentkills them, and then spawns them. It works fine. But just spawning them does not get rid of the past weapons. for some reason. Thats why i have to kill the player first.

Well use my code in the order it is written and they won’t even know that their weapons are gone before they spawn :3: