when a rusty rust for experimental

to when a version with experimental Compatibe rust ???

Salut, le version with experimental you can use but may only work connection like`? Try instead http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1418463&p=45747940&viewfull=1#post45747940 for time not working may help you. Also why not did you not write in the rusty thread but instead make new like? ne very pas necessary

ne marche pas sur win7 utimate 64 bits

can’t relate, tested on win 7 ult 64 bit, works fine. “ne marche pas” is little of an informative error description. Also, sorry, but if you don’t write in a language people can understand you will get very little help here. try again, maybe write something informative. even picking the correct thread for your question helps a ton!

here is a picture that explains my problem

aha. so you didn’t read the instructions.
specifically this part

Rusty works just fine with Experimental, but with lack of commands from Experimental itself, there’s not much to do beside kick/ban and chat.
Rusty Experimental: http://goo.gl/NuMupU
Source: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1350623

Rusty does not work with Fpsplayer.com it but unable to connect
Comement do
or take any hoster
kind regards

I forgot to mention in my post, that I am hosting it myself, but if it’s not working on GSP, it can only be a port issue I guess.