when a video game hero dies, they all feel it.

this is as many video game characters as i could round up. at a memorial for the dead. namely; [dom, from gears of war.] [cmndr. shepard, from mass effect.] [and noble team.] and any others i forgot. i think they earned it. [by the way, i could not find gordon freeman, or pheonix, but they are there, … and i got depressed making this.


Seems a little bland, but its a nice idea.

The posing seems a bit off.

iv been getting better at posing. im gonna keep working on this one.

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here is a slideshow video i made of it. it was fun to make.

Looks like Ezio is having a heart attack.

No he’s lost his keys.

Tali <3

Good job forgetting to add Gordon Freeman.

He’s waiting for episode 3.

im going to make a huge one soon, with gordon in in it. and alyx. and the tf2 crew. and the deadspace cast. and gears of war cast. and mass effect cast, and about 68 others that iv counted

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lol…name more characters and ill put em in. iv got a huge collection of models…and alot of time on my hands.