When are the servers estimated to be up?

Hi there, just curious to what the problem to the servers are and when there estimated to be working, also will my base start decaying? thank you for your time and reading this.

Sadly, what matters is the ddosing to stop and hack to go away. Don’t worry about your base.

probably a couple of days.

1 week.

Don’t worry about your base while it is being DDOS’d, your base is safe from us until it stops (freaktm’s group)… however I can’t promise the same once we have access to the server :frowning:

Freaktm is crazy he has so many charges and i have some sort of idea roughly were he lives

let me elaborate : by rough idea, you mean ‘i know his base is on the Australia server’

Possibly haha

I also cannot promise the same Superwog.

I LoL’d

I though he only joined yesterday some time?

Is Mogguls Miguel ?

He started about a week ago, just before the wipe.

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tbh FreaK IS crazy … he is crazy hot !

Everytime i meet up with him in game and he talks to me … this song comes to mind :smiley:


SuperWog in a nutshell.


I’m Jamie Thomas. When I made my account I thought we were using realistic names. I could change it, but meh.

Garry just lets the people DDos the servers to hell.

Yes, he just “lets” them DDos. Come back when you understand how it works and how it is not easy to protect servers.

Please tell us how it works and why it is not easy to protect servers.

Start with this information - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial-of-service_attack

garry is “letting” people DDOS servers the way you “let” your house get egged and TP’d by rowdy teens on Hallowe’en.