When are the Wipes?

I’m playing on an official Facepunch server (Frankfurt small 1) and some player are arguing in chat whether the wipe is on the begin or end of march,

Can someone tell me when exactly the wipes are for the official server, because facepunch doesn’t seem to have time to write that into their server description
Some say it is on 3. or 4. march because of the monthly wipe, others say wipe is only after an bigger update, and that should be at the end of march.

Who’s correct, or is there a wipe on both days (every month AND after updates)?
I’d like to have an official date for wipes in the server description of the official servers if thats possible,

And would it be possible to minimise them on some of the official server, because some player just want to build up a big base and player a few months and not just one month

thx for all answers

Mandatory wipes are with the first Thursday patch of the month. This has been the case for about a year and is discussed in the devblogs as well as past threads (HINT: SEARCH BEFORE POSTING). Wipes may occur out of cycle on individual servers if needed.

And the wipes are because the game is being actively developed and changes to terrain generation are not backwards-compatible. No wipes means no advancement in development.

Wipes are at the start of the month, on the first Thursday of the month, and what day it is depends on where you live in the world. In the UK where FacePunch are it will be on the Thursday the 3rd of March, sometime that night. But for example here in Australia the wipe happens very early Friday morning on the 4th of March. That is why people have said both the 3rd and 4th. Whoever said it was at the end of the month is either trolling, very stupid, or poorly misinformed.