When assasins go rogue...





Models ported by NinjaNub, expect them shortly.

Ridin’ around in mah automobile.

Dat rogue assassin ass

the bonus is amazing

Oh god nostalgia meter through the roof. Ratchet and Clank is one of my favorite series.
Posing is good and the bonus is fantastic.

Not muhc of a fan of the two main poses. But loving the bonus.

pictures are broken for me

Want me to upload on a new site?

they work now :3, fantastic work radley, I always love seeing your pictures!

Nice work, i really love these!

Fancy stuff, and just out of curiosity; what are those models from and where did you get them?

I ported them from borderlands, release coming soon

Love the bonus, and the lighting is pretty snazzy.

Good stuff.