When burning helicopters are about to fly in to a boat, you know shit's about to go down.


This is my first attempt at fire and shit with GIMP.

C&C required :v:

Pretty good for a first, just go easy on the contrast.

Yep. Now here’s my second:


Smoke should be thinner at the start and get bigger and more opaque as the trail gets longer. Same with the fire.
Igoring that its pretty good for a first.

I followed a tutorial so you can take away my brownie points. Thanks for the advice, though, I’ll take it in like the sun :v:

the background looks horrible (ocean)

Yeah I just noticed that too, the land comes out of nowhere…

and also crappy quality on the land.

But pretty good for the other stuff.

Nothing I can do about the land. I wanted to get the no smoking sign in angle in hopes that someone would get the joke (Smoking, flaming helicopter flying in to a boat that says “No Smoking”)

I don’t like the fire but as you said it’s your first try and i’m worse than that. Also the fire gets more intense as it gets closer to the helicopter, and this fire kinda looks like copy and pasted, of course i can see depth of field but it’s not enough.


It isn’t CP’d, however it uses a cloud brush so I don’t know.

I used this tutorial.