When can I expect to be able to use Episode 2's Hammer Editor again?

I was working on my first map to utilize all the extra content in Ep2, and then the meteor that was SteamPipe hit.

I’m using only the hammer.exe found in the bin folder of Half-Life 2, and of course all the Ep2 content appears as errors with that, so I can’t continue it.
I haven’t been able to work on that map in 5 months, I really wanna release it but I don’t want to release it unfinished. I’m thinking of doing just that, since there seems to be no sign of this being fixed.
I’ve tried using the hammer.exe’s in the ep2 bin folder and stuff, but they show an error about the gameinfo.txt and crash.

So, do any of you know when/if Source SDK will be working again? Or is there any other way I can continue this map?

Use symbolic links to copy the content over.

You’ll have to download Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer. Hammer and other SDK tools will be located in your Common\Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer\bin\ folders.
After launching the hammer.exe, pick the Episode Two config and you’re ready to go!

In case it still won’t work, make sure your EP2 is converted to Steam pipe. You can make sure of that by looking for in your Common folder. In case it’s not here, launch it or verify it’s cache and it will automatically convert iself.

Well thats really strange because before my stuff was steampiped i worked also with the EP2 engine and all the props were still there and no errors at all :S

Launch steamapps/common/Half-Life 2/bin/hammer.exe and select Half-Life 2: Episode Two as the game environment from the list. If you haven’t run EP2 since the Steampipe update, run it first.

My ep2 hammer seems to be working again, blend textures no longer appear inverted either.