When compiling a prop, is it alright to use the reference smd as the idle animation?

I do this quite a bit, and I’ve always wonder if there are any problems with it.
I’m talking about a qc line such as this:

$sequence "idle" "mymodel_ref.smd"

in my experience you only need the skeleton in your idle animation, if there is one, so you can get rid of the vertices.
i probably do things wrong though, idk, im new at this, but everything i’ve published has been well-received thus far.

No problem at all. In fact that’s what you SHOULD do. It’s one less redundant file to keep track of.

And just a minor personal nitpick, but I recommend you do this:

$sequence idle mymodel_ref.smd

Quotation marks are only necessary when there’s spaces.

$sequence idle "my model ref.smd"