When did the thing where you cant log into garrysmod.org start.

Im just curious to know when the thing happened so you cant log into garrysmod.org.:pwn:

Same here, it started for me 3 days ago D: I’ve tried to download something, then tried to find a fix for the problem, and then I forgot what I originally wanted to download.

well, I just realized today, because I was gonna download some animation addons… then it all started when I tried to sign in through steam… god dang it, this is frustrating

whats going on?? everytime i click sign in through steam it wont load?

Me too just buyed garry’s mod today and went to download addons and i couldent log in

can we get some help with this? like is there an admin or something?
this is driving me nuts

this problem is fixed, but I get no code in my Email to put into the box, so I STILL can’t sign in!!!

Check your spam.

2 years later and still no reply, the thing wont even work or show up, it doesn’t load or anything