When do i buy Rust?

Hi, I was just wondering if i could have peoples thoughts about when to buy this game Rust. The average that people play this game is around 45 dollars. (I did da math this morning) and i really want to know what time of the day i should buy this game?!?!?! Please tell me your thoughts :).

-Steven (Someone who wants to play rust…)

Why the hell do you people do that little “Signature” thing? It’s annoying as fuck.

lol, i dont know i just put that there im only 11 lol i just really want it, at least im not begging for a key!

Are you fucking kidding me ?! really!? i guess 11 year olds are the new generation of keybeggers 1.1

So i am a key begger??? I just want to know when to buy it lol… really can i please have a legit answer plz???


You can buy this off me for 20 Quid.

No one is gona give you a legit answer young martyr but i will… ehh i live in newyork sooo around 12:00 pm or 1:00 pm or a little earlier.

You are 11, this game features nudity, if your parents are anything near decent they would not allow you to buy this game.

lol... i dont know if its a joke or not but if its not no thanks i dont want a scammer :)

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Lol, they dont care they no its just a video game

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OMG!!! Finally a legit answer thanks soooo much!! lol

It’s just a video game that features full frontal male nudity, which isn’t something an 11 year old should experience on a daily basis, at least according to our society.

lol… really no one should see that but i really dont care its my parents choice if they care or not… Right now they dont care because im a sixth grade :smiley: so please dont tell me anything but when to by this game thanks!

well maybe he/she’s a weirdo that says he/she is 11 but is really 45 :tinfoil:

go reddit, search for rust accounts or waiting for next sale on playrust. it can be on saturday, an other day or next week, don t know.


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