When do we expect the snow biome to come back?

Just wondering if we have any idea when it will return. The snow biome was a fantastic part of the game, killed off freshies, lots of nodes etc

Agreed. I miss it too. Why was it removed?

Apparently the new biome that replaced it is just a placeholder, so hopefully the snow biome makes a comeback, it was honestly the best part of the map and the new biome is exactly the same as the forest biome with yellow dead looking grass which is actually quite ugly compared to the rest of the map.

And the new biome has shit all nodes

Dude i so agree, big flat snow biomes were awesome. I think the new biome you’re thinking about is “tundra” and it’s the most awful one i ever seen.

please bring them back they were great

why did they remove ?

Yes please bring it back. It was an integral part of the game :expressionless:

It was probably removed because of work on the weather, maybe Face Punch wants Snow Biomes to be created by falling Snow. Since Rain falls every where, it makes sense to have it Snow every where, and sometimes we’d experience a Snow Blizzard, this would/could create temporary Snow Biomes, and in some higher areas or where its colder(close to mountain peaks), longer lasting Snow Biomes.

Personally i’d prefer Snow to fall every where, we should also be able to make Snow Balls and Snow Men as you’re able to in Life is Feudal.