When do wooden buildings disappear?

So I’m really confudes at the moment because I just don’t know when a wooden building is supposed to disappear.

Sometimes my wooden building disappears after like 4-5 days and sometimes it just stays like for ever.

We had build our first home out of wood and wanted to move somewhere else so we left everything behind and build a new one.
This new building then just disappeared after a time I can’t remember. But the old building where noone was living after us was still there.

Inside this old building are even normal storage boxes which should get darker and disappear too like they did in our metal building.

This old building and the normal storage boxes are now “alive” for over a week now. It looks like a bug where these wooden props will never disappear.

Can someone from the developers tell me when they actually are supposed to disappear? (Shelter, wooden buildings, storage boxes…)

Thank you very much.


Decay timers:

8 Hours: Wooden shack
1 Day: Wooden structures
4 Days: Metal structures.

Note: opening doors and starting fires inside the structure will reset the timer, also there is supposed to be a 24 hr. grace period on newly built things before the timer starts but I’m not sure the shack qualifies for this.

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Looks like they fixed the shelter, from the 11.14.13 patch notes, “Fixed Shelters not counting towards decay grace period”

Where do you get these information?

Nah wrong my wooden house has survived for a week without me even turning my game on

If you haven’t even turned your game on how do you know its still surviving…

A friend with a door in it?
Naked squatter?

You just proved this quote…: