When do you guys think the game will be in Beta state?

When a game is in Alpha, the way I think of it, is that the game is buggy on it’s base level. We fixed that most of the way. Foundation bug is nearly fixed, the shadow bug is fixed, N-stepping was fixed, the armor bug is being worked on, hopefully the NPCs attacking at any height gets fixed soon. After the base bugs are fixed will it be in beta and have a standalone client or is there going to be more features added, fix the bugs that follow those add-ons and then release beta? I personally think the game is nearly in Beta. I feel like there aren’t many bugs anymore, all that I also think they need to do is have it have more settings, audio, graphics, video, resolution. I just am itching to get a standalone client.

It will only go to beta when most of the bugs get fixed and the game gets optimized.

Yeah not many bugs as before but the structure, as for the servers are still weak.
Still need some twitching and adding lots of feature.
Of course I am no expert and can’t say when but I don’t really think that the beta is “close”.
I prefer that they take their time and do a fkn A game grade. Not like Rome total war2 that spent millions and had hundreds of devs…


A fair while from now, there is an incredible amount of bugs being noticed at the moment.