When do you think Valve are gonna fix Hammer? :[

I’m super oober bored and I because I can’t finish my map and I have had a great idea for my current map…
Why can’t Valve just fix the dam problem ? :confused:

This. I really want to work on an awesome idea but I can’t if anyone knows a fix please post

Someone has found a fix but you need to keep swapping al of the binaries and files so I cba…

If you’re gonna be a lazy ass, don’t moan about it.

I can’t wait for them to fix it. I want to try out the new “Sculpt” tool and the Manifest thing.

I’m lazying because its my day of college today and I had a extra day of college on Monday because it was bank holiday Monday and Valve screwed my weekend up because I was going for a mapping weekend plus the Monday and today :confused:

On the one hand, it has given me more time to think up things to map.

I hope they fix it once I get bored of thinking.





If that works, I love you.

Edit: No, I don’t love you, it doesn’t work! You mean that option in Source SDK’s options in steam right?

My Source SDK is already fixed.

I’ve been mapping for TF2 and Ep2 continiously, never switched binaries, and my Source SDK is set to update automatically.

What’s going on? :raise:

Run hammer with the command line option “-dxlevel 80”. Works like a charm.

Usually running hammer on a lower level of directx causes other problems. The only better solution I can think of is by going into a OB game or mod’s directory, and changing the value of “SteamAppId” to 440 in the GameInfo.txt

You fucking idiot, it’s too late to do that.
If you had turned off auto updates before the update downloaded, then you wouldn’t have the update.

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Only works if the SDK wasn’t updated before you turned that on. Now it has updated the GCF you are fucked.

It will turn back to “automatically update” - option.
The trick is to launch SDK, override the new files with old ones, and then launch hammer.

Works somewhat ok.

I use this time between to go out and make photos for new inspiration.

But on the other hand: What’s taking so fucking long…

It shouldn’t be up to us to fix a mistake Valve made.

Yeah man. Why he gotta be so harsh bro.

Its not as big of a problem as you all make it out to be. since I have the preupdate binaries I just start SDK, copy it into my bin file, then start hammer. It’s not that hard, don’t be lazy.