when does the game come out will it cost $?

hello humans … oky i am whiting do play this game so much time cant find a key and i wanter when does this game comes out will it cost $? how much and more important when!!! just take my money and shut up give me the game :stuck_out_tongue: and i am not buying from people key dont trust people

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Read the fucking sticky.


probably something like $20 or something


hes not asking for a key hes asking for when the game will come out and how much would it cost

so no one knows when the game comes out like what year? month?

It’s in closed alpha and not even the devs know, so of course we don’t know.

$20 sounds good and is a really great price. So far a lot of found out about this game from YouTubers or Streamers so when this game comes out it is bound to have many players. There are already so many people that want to play at the moment so hopefully it will be open soon.