When I add classes to DarkRP wont work

When I add classes to DarkRP the menu will not open. Heres my code. I’m new to Facepunch.

RPExtraTeams = {}
function AddExtraTeam( Name, color, model, Description, Weapons, command, maximum_amount_of_this_class, Salary, admin, Vote, Haslicense, NeedToChangeFrom)
	if not Name or not color or not model or not Description or not Weapons or not command or not maximum_amount_of_this_class or not Salary or not admin or Vote == nil then
		local text = "One of the custom teams is wrongly made! Attempt to give name of the wrongly made team!(if it's nil then I failed):
" .. tostring(Name)
		hook.Add("PlayerSpawn", "TeamError", function(ply)
			if ply:IsAdmin() then ply:ChatPrint("WARNING: "..text) end
	local CustomTeam = {name = Name, model = model, Des = Description, Weapons = Weapons, command = command, max = maximum_amount_of_this_class, salary = Salary, admin = admin or 0, Vote = tobool(Vote), NeedToChangeFrom = NeedToChangeFrom, Haslicense = Haslicense}
	table.insert(RPExtraTeams, CustomTeam)
	team.SetUp(#RPExtraTeams, Name, color)
	local Team = #RPExtraTeams
	if SERVER then
		timer.Simple(0.1, function(CustomTeam) AddTeamCommands(CustomTeam) end, CustomTeam)
	return Team

hook.Add("InitPostEntity", "AddTeams", function()
	if file.Exists("CustomTeams.txt") then
		if SERVER then resource.AddFile("data/CustomTeams.txt") end
		if CLIENT and not LocalPlayer():IsSuperAdmin() then file.Delete("CustomTeams.txt") end

Default teams. If you make a team above the citizen team, people will spawn with that team!
TEAM_CITIZEN = AddExtraTeam("Citizen", Color(20, 150, 20, 255), "models/player/group01/male_01.mdl", [[A regular Citizen enslaved by the oppressive force Combine.]], {\"pocket\", \"keys\", \"weapon_gpk_fists\"}, "citizen", 0, 45, 0, false, false)//
TEAM_Rebel Leader = AddExtraTeam("Rebel Leader", Color(255, 102, 0, 255), "models\Humans/group03/male_08.mdl", [[Leads local resistance members against the oppressive forces of the Combine. Equipped with: Lockpick Pistol Unarrest Stick]], {\"lockpick\", \"unarrest_stick\", \"weapon_p2282\", \"pocket\", \"keys\", \"weapon_gpk_fists\"}, "Rebel Leader", 1, 150, 0, true)//
TEAM_Resistance = AddExtraTeam("Resistance", Color(255, 102, 0, 255), "models\humans/group03/male_07.mdl", [[A member of the Resistance, a group dedicated to fighting the oppressive force of the Combine. No Extra Weapons.]], {\"pocket\", \"keys\", \"weapon_gpk_fists\"}, "Resistance", 0, 90, 0, true)//
TEAM_Rebel Dealer = AddExtraTeam("Rebel Dealer", Color(255, 102, 0, 255), "models\humans/group03/male_03.mdl", [[Supplies the resistance with weapons, and ammo for battle against the forces of the Combine. Equipped with: Unarrest Stick]], {\"keys\", \"pocket\", \"unarrest_stick\", \"weapon_gpk_fists\"}, "Rebel Dealer", 2, 120, 0, true)//
TEAM_Rebel Medic = AddExtraTeam("Rebel Medic", Color(255, 102, 0, 255), "models\humans/group03m/female_01.mdl", [[Provides medical treatment, and supplies to wounded members of the resistance. Equipped with: Medkit Knife]], {\"med_kit\", \"keys\", \"pocket\", \"cse_knife\", \"weapon_gpk_fists\"}, "Rebel Medic", 1, 110, 0, true)//
TEAM_Combine CmD = AddExtraTeam("Combine CmD", Color(0, 0, 0, 255), "models/player/combine_super_soldier.mdl", [[An example of Overwatch's physical presence on earth. This officer is responsible for commanding local Universal Union forces. Equipped with: Ram Arrest Stick Pistol]], {\"arrest_stick\", \"door_ram\", \"pocket\", \"keys\", \"weapon_deagle2\", \"weapon_gpk_fists\"}, "Combine CmD", 1, 150, 0, true)//
TEAM_Combine OuF = AddExtraTeam("Combine OuF", Color(0, 0, 0, 255), "models/Combine_Soldier.mdl", [[In charge of distributing weapons among the forces of the Combine. Equipped with: Arrest Stick]], {\"arrest_stick\", \"keys\", \"pocket\", \"weapon_gpk_fists\"}, "Combine OuF", 2, 120, 0, true)//
TEAM_Combine MeD = AddExtraTeam("Combine MeD", Color(0, 0, 0, 255), "models/Combine_Soldier_PrisonGuard.mdl", [[In charge of distributing medical supplies amongst the forces of the Combine. Equipped with: Medkit Knife]], {\"med_kit\", \"keys\", \"pocket\", \"cse_knife\", \"weapon_gpk_fists\"}, "Combine MeD", 1, 110, 0, true)//
TEAM_CivilProtection = AddExtraTeam("CivilProtection", Color(0, 0, 0, 255), "models/Police.mdl", [[The Combine\'s most infamous presence in everyday life. These officers advance the combine's agenda in pursuit of reward. Equipped with: stunstick]], {\"pocket\", \"keys\", \"weapon_gpk_fists\" \"stunstick\"}, "CivilProtection", 0, 90, 0, true)//

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Thanks fixed.