When I Click a Player Model, It Spawns A Rag Doll... What Do I Do?

Whenever I Want a New Player Model (So I Am Not The Scientist Guy) It Will Just Spawn a Rag Doll Of that Player Model!

What Am I Doing Wrong?

You Are Typing Like This For One, so if you want anyone to help stop doing that first of all.

Are you actually clicking in the options part or the “HL2 Characters” tab?

This Is What I Did, I Used The Browse Tab and Find The The Folder That Said Player Models, But Now When I Choose One Of The It Only Spawns a Rag Doll. But Really The Weird Thing Is The First Time I Tried It, It Worked! But Now Gmod Will Spawn A Rag Doll…

could you give a screen shot of what you are clicking on?

You need to go to options then client (or something like that) then model and choose there

Click The Options Tab, Then Go To Models and Click a Character Right?
Well When I Click One, Nothing Happens… I Hear a Click And The Model Is Highlighed But I Stay Playing As The Scientist Guy…

P.S. About The Original Post, Now I Can’t Find The Folder I Was Using, Like It Dissapeared… Weird…


Now I Can’t Find The Folder I Was Using, Like It Dissapeared… Weird…

So No, I Can’t Get a Screenshot

I think you need to kill yourself for your model to change but I don’t really know I haven’t changed my model in forever :stuck_out_tongue:

I Tried That Too And It Did Not Work, I Just Respawned as The Scientist.

Go up to the top right of the menu.
Find options.
Click player models.
Then click the one you want and kill your self.

Is This The Way To Kill Yourself? Because When I Tried Killing Myself The First Time I Just Shot The RPG at The Ground…

Options ->Keyboard-> Advance->“Enable Developer Console” ->"`~" (The Button Left of The Number One Key)

If you killed yourself how are you still posting… i’m kidding. But you press ~ for the console and type kill and you’ll die. But first click the model you want to be first before you kill yourself.

It Didn’t Work… )=

then you’re glitched. sorry. D:

No he is not glitched.
This is a problem I have, just choose a model, then


Bind k “kill” enables many fun ways to kill yourself!

Press Q, press option’s than pick a model, kill yourself and vola.

Hey retsila, have you read the thread?

Okay I Will Try That!

Does It Matter What Map I Am Using when I Change My Model? Because I Have Been Using Freespace06 v_2-1 While I Have Been Trying To Chanel My Model.


Have You Read The Whole Thread Because I Said That That Did Not Work…

all i can think of is reinstall Garry’s mod