When I close rust it crashes my computer.

Alright I have been have this problem for quite a while now.
Rust crashes my computer by EasyAntiCheat.sys which then the OS Kernel.

Even when I do get the urge to play Rust I have…
-Shitty Framerates
-Takes FOREVER to get into servers

-Sincerely Ethan B.
(P.S. for all the people that will say I am
hacking don’t waste your time or my time)

Yup, gave up on the game. Tired of it fubaring my machine when i shut it down. I cant even get the machine to shut down correctly. Seems it needs some attention.

I’ve got the same problem and it keeps me from playing. No answers from facepunch yet. Sometimes ALT + F4 (or killing the process in the Task Manager) instead of normally ending Rust works. For some deactivating Steam Overlay helps.

There are rumors that it’s the unity engine messing things up. **Anyway there’s no definite solution to it at the moment.
It keeps me from playing with friends and i fear to damage my computer/data from the constant hard resets.

Same problem here. Not played for weeks as a result.

I’d bet on it being caused by EAC.

Update! Upvote this ticket so we get noticed faster!
There even is a video now.

Apparently it’s a unity problem and won’t be fixxed unless they update the engine.

L closing Rust with task manager and my computer work fine :stuck_out_tongue: but l can;t fix sloww loading …