When I download an addon it crashes my game.

Recently I started playing Gmod again and decided to get a few addons (by a few I mean 95 :slight_smile: ). As they were downloading it got to about the 40th addon called S.T.A.L.K.E.R weapons addon. My screen then turned of for a few seconds and then reloaded to my desktop (it also exited steam). I thought that this would be a one time thing so I reloaded Garry’s mod. It then started from number 1 again. It then proceeded till it got to the same add on which it then crashed. Thinking this was a bit annoying I decided to try one more time. I reloaded Gmod and surprise surprise it started loading from number 1 again. So I decided to go into the game after it had downloaded a few. It took a few minutes to enter (as always) but it was still downloading addons. I tried to access some of the Siddons it supposedly just downloaded before ( the ones that kept restarting) but none where there. Only the addons I’d put on previously. Then it got to my favourite addon. Stalker weapons. My game then crashed. So I would like to know how I could stop this add on from downloading so I can play gmod. Please respond.

go to your subscribed items on the workshop and un-subscribe that addon

That doesn’t seem to work. When I go to my workshop, it just shows me available addons, but not mine. Do you know how I get to mine?

sys specs please!