When I join a server it crashes once I reach "Sending Client Info"

The problem is in the title. (Only started yesterday, I’ve been playing gmod on the same computer for a while)
When this happens I don’t get an error when it happens, the game just closes. I’ve tried all of the usual stuff, verifying game files, deleting gmod and its contents, all that stuff and Launch options.

Many people seem to be having this problem so I’m surprised I haven’t found a fix.

Are you trying to connect to a specific server? If so, servers typically have a collection of workshop items you should subscribe to and load up in single player.

From my old days as a darkRP admin, loading things in single player nine times out of ten fixed everything.

If you have a poor computer, try to download FPSboost a file. It worked for me!
If you want i can send you my FPSboost.

On my old computer my Gmod crashed because of the high quality etc i had, this worked for me though.