When I kill NPCs GMod crashes

When i kill npcs my gmod crashes then turns of my commy spec’s (Acer aspire 2920 intel core 2 duo processor t5750 2.0 ghz,667mhz fsb 2 mb l2 cache 12.1’'wxga acer crystalbite lcd upto 358 mobile intel graphics media accelerator x3100 2gb ddr2 250gb hdd dvd-super multi dl 802.11a/b/g wlan)
please some one help! :smiley:

Turn down your graphics settings, and uncheck keep corpses

soz dont work

Right click garrysmod in steam games menu and go on advanced launched options, and put -dxlevel 80 in.

A friend had this on intel graphics, the moment he installed his 9800GT it stopped happening.

EP2 Engine doesn’t like Intel Video Cards…
Read this article: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?p_faqid=831

i had a problem with my laptop before so i had to formatit bit it worked then now it crashes

i use this now r_drawparticles 0 in the console

Intel GPUs are incredibly weak, I suggest upgrading.

This, sir, is true. In the laptop I use for Gmod, it has a (supposed) 1GB(1244MB) series 4 Intel GPU. It seems more like a 256MB though and it does not support DX9 for Gmod. I had the same problem with my laptop that had the 965 series. My solution was using “-dxlevel 71” in start options.

Instead of r_drawparticles 0, which turns off all the pretty effects like explosions and bullet shots, he could just put this in the console:

violence_ablood 0;violence_agibs 0;violence_hblood 0;violence_hgibs 0

That’ll turn off all violence, and stop the crashes. Well it stops them for me anyway.

For me it stops them from happening every time, but it still happens enough so I gave up on my 965 series laptop. Of course it only has 1GB of RAM and its using vista which could be the culprit of the crashing.