When i kill something or someone, i get kicked out of Gmod???

So when i end up hitting or killing a person or a bird or something the game kicks me out and says that an error has occured and its just annoying, someone help me im dieing here cause i cant play gmod without killing someone.

Specs of your computer please.


Well, anyways, show us your specs, plus, you may have to uninstall some addons.

Aight ill get some pics and stuff soon, thanks for tellin me cause this prob has been buggin the crap out of me.

Your computer can’t handle the blood particles, from the look of it.

Intel Graphics?

Did you get kicked from the server for having a killing rampage of uber noobishness or did you get kicked by ping? If its ping, try using G-Clean and re-installing some add-ons that you have to live with. If it was the killing rampage…take some anger managment lessons…

I think it’s because his computer can’t handle the blood particle effect from when you shoot a player or npc, which is kinda sad :v:


As in, he’s not kicked, he crashes.

Well, you shouldn’t kill people.
It’s mean :frowning:

In all seriousness, have you tried killing someone in Counter-Strike or TF2? Maybe you downloaded a glitched blood effect.

Get a new GFX card(or easier, get VTFEdit, Paint .NET, and make the blood textures nothing(name the vtf’s and vmt’s “Blood1” - “Blood8”).).

Or, get a blood replacement.

Not much help about the blood replacement.