When I move I can't look!

***Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, *** So today I got a new PC and I installed Garry’s Mod like Normal, I went on to the only server I play on and when I move about I can’t look left or right, I also can’t delete stuff when I type in chat. Now this is the first time this problem has happened to me and here’s the stuff that I’ve tried:

Verify Game Cache,
My m_raw mouse thingy is 0.022,
I’ve deleted my cfg and reused the one that I got from Steam,
I’ve reset my binds,
I’ve binded W to +forward
I’ve checked my sensitivity it’s not 0.
My console doesn’t work, When I press ` it doesn’t open!

Any ideas?, ANy help is really appreciated!

Is it a laptop? If so sometimes the trackpad drivers get messed up by windows.

Yeah, It’s a laptop buddy. Any idea’s how to fix my issue?