When i play multiplayer i fall a little through the floor

When i Play a multiplayer game i start out with my whole body under the floor I can still move around the map I just cant see other people but if i play a death run server it works fine.

I ask people if they can see me and they say they can i just cant see them or my ragdoll and player model when i get in a car i can also spawn items and props but i cant grab them by pointing at it i have to move my cursor under it as if my hands were above the ground.

When i play single player i work fine. I just want to play multiplayer. :frowning:

Please help.

This is the server you joined having a no colide world attached , tell the admin to update or restart his server.

But i think it only happens to me.

Don’t believe it, give me a screenshot of it happening.

Rename “garrysmod” to “gmodold” and re-install the game to see if it’s an addon issue. If it works on reinstall, slowly move addons over until you hit the one that breaks it, then don’t add that one. Might be that you have an addon that’s out of date and it’s not calling anything right.

Post a screenshot of your addons folder?


Could someone help me please???

Does it happen to you in all servers or just that one? If it is that one then it is his server and not you.

It doesnt happen to me on one server but all of them except the Death run servers

What is that, 83 addons?

There is really no point in having that many.