When I play Space Build I have no weapons

For some reason whenever I play space build all of my weapons dissapear, including my Physgun and Grav gun so I cannot build anything, though I can take weapons from the weapons page.

What version of spacebuild are you using? I had this problem, but I got the new one, which is found here: http://forums.facepunchstudios.com/showthread.php?t=425094

That should work correctly. I think the error is caused by the old spacebuild not supporting LS 2.

I had this same issue. I got the latest version and it didn’t fix it.

Also have same issue, new version didn’t fix.

I also had this issue, I downloaded from the SVN, so I think it is up to date. If anyone has a solution to this, it would be great!
Also: I have a near fresh install of gmod, I just reformated my hard drive, saved some of the mods to a backup, but dumped space build thinking I could just pull a new copy that would be nice and fresh.
EDIT: Also I would like to note that I have a mod that lets me spawn the tool gun and other equipment, but even that did not help, there is a lua error occuring, I will look it up if anyone would like me to.

I have the same problem. I don’t know how to fix it either. I need help :frowning:

I have the same problem, mine is ok on Multiplayer…that is when i dont get that error message (i forget the name)

ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘PlayerSpawn’ Failed: sandbox/gamemode/init.lua:40: stack overflow

That’s what pops up when I spawn.

Same problem here.

RD2 and LS2?

Same here too… what’s wrong with SpaceBuild? I got the SB 2.5Beta (SB 3) and had same problem on SB 2 too :\

i got the same problem on space build 3 even with the 3.1 patch

ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘PlayerSpawn’ Failed: sandbox/gamemode/init.lua:40: stack overflow

Yeah i get this same problem. Any ideas anyone?

Are you using it on ultiplayer? Try in singleplayer and if you have weapons then, its the server, some servers ave a command to get rid of weapons so you can’t “DM”. Try just joining another server?

No luck, I have only tried this in singleplayer, and I get the exact same problem and lua error.


Just SVN updated, trying again.


No, it failed again. Apparently there is a problem with init.lua in the SB folder.


No, it failed again. Apparently there is a problem with init.lua in the SB folder.

There is a fix for it somewhere. Search for “Spacebuild Fix” here on FP.

It’s something that was fucked up in the gamemode code. All you do is redownload the version posted in the topic, and it’s fixed.

Spacebuild 2 Fix

awesome, thanks.

What about spacebuild 3?

I would try the same thing, reinstall SB3. If the problem persists, defragg. Gmod needs regular defragging anyways.

Thank you for the fix!