When I press "x" to speak I have freeze for 2-3second

Hi what’s up ?

I have a problem, when I press “x” to speak I have freeze for 2-3 second.
-I have verify my game cache,
-Uninstall useless addons
-Only install the addons I need for my server DarkRP
-Redownload Garry’s mod
-Change the “x” for an other word to speak

Who have a solution please ?

(When the solution work I’ll say you)
EDIT : I don’t have Realtek but Conexant SmartAudio

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(It’s my first post In this server but why i say “?” and he is writing > THIS BUG NEEDS FIXING, BUT I DONT KNOW WHAT CAUSES IT, SO SHUT UP AND STOP POSTING ABOUT IT. Thanks.
This bug can’t be resolve ?

hakka that’s about the Bug that it doesn’t show what country/browser you were posting this from, not the bug you posted about

Also post your specs

(french sorry)

Intel Core i7 4510U Cadencé à 2 GHz
Fréquence mesurée (core0): 2.79 GHz
Nombre de coeurs: 2 physique(s), 4 logique(s)
Socket: Socket 1168 BGA
Température CPU (core 0): 59 °C

mother board :

LENOVO Lancer 5A5 31900058STD
Numéro de série (carte mère): YB05395704
SKU Number: LENOVO_MT_20354_BU_idea_FM_Lenovo Z50-70
Version du bios: 9BCN25WW
Date: 10/04/2014

Chipset :

Pont nord : Intel Haswell-ULT
Identifiant de révision: 0B
Pont sud : Intel H8x/P8x
Identifiant de révision: C1

Memory :

8 Go de mémoire totale de type DDR3 à 798.14 MHz
Timings mémoire: 11.0 clocks-11 clocks-11 clocks-28 clocks-1 TT
Barrette Samsung de 4 Go
Fréquence maximale: 800 MHz
Bande passante: PC3-12800
Barrette Samsung de 4 Go
Fréquence maximale: 800 MHz
Bande passante: PC3-12800

Graphics Card :

Intel® HD Graphics Family
Version DirectX installée: 11.0
Fréquence du GPU: 1.10 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 840M
Version DirectX installée: 11.0
Fréquence du GPU: 405 MHz
Fréquence mémoire du GPU: 405 MHz

hard disk :

Disque dur ST1000LM024HN-M101MBB de 931.51 Go SATA III
Firmware: 2BA30001
Version du SATA: SATA Rev 2.6
Numéro de série: S30YJ9EF702889
Température HDD: 37 °C
Temps de fonctionnement: 1049 heures

( In english for you : )

Processor Intel® Core™ i7-4510U CPU @ 2.00GHz
Manufacturer Intel
Speed 2.6 GHz
Number of Cores 2
Video Card 1 Intel® HD Graphics Family
Manufacturer Intel
Chipset Intel® HD Graphics Family
Dedicated Memory 32.0 MB
Total Memory 1.8 GB
Video Card 2 NVIDIA GeForce 840M
Manufacturer NVIDIA
Chipset GeForce 840M
Dedicated Memory 3.0 GB
Total Memory 4.0 GB
Memory 8.1 GB
Operating System Microsoft Windows 8.1 (build 9600), 64-bit
Service Pack 0
Size 64 Bit
Display Maximum Resolution 1536 x 864
Drive 1
Size 889.6 GB
Free 739.7 GB
Drive 2
Size 25.0 GB
Free 22.7 GB

Answer Me Jason34 please

Does this happen in one specific server or on all servers?
Also try doing this in multiplayer or on a localy hosted server and see if it still happens

Yes on all servers and on a localy hosted server.
still happens

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What I can do now ?

If you re-installed Garry’s Mod, I honestly don’t know what could be wrong

EDIT : Just in localy hosted server I don’t have the bug * sorry ^^"

Reinstall Steam

I have try, don’t work, A friends of a very popular youtuber and streamer as say “It’s the fault of most PC by the bad watercooling for CPU and GPU” ~ (Sorry it’s not very english ^^")
But I just want to say I can’t change. but thank you for try to help me.

If you’re on a laptop and you have a external mic plugged in, make sure your internal mic is disabled. Hopefully this is the situation you’re in.