When i spawn in a model/ragdoll and some npcs, i only see there shadow. PLEASE HELP

So i tried spawing in a ragdoll and heres what i got from the develper console

MDLCache: characters/jontron/jontron.mdl needs to be recompiled

MDLCache: Failed load of .VTX data for characters/jontron/jontron.mdl

Please help me.

This sounds like a modeling issue, not related to code. You’d get better help in the modeling forum.

Also, jontron model, what the hell? Why is that a thing?


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and i also have issues with ragdolls and some npcs have black eyes, but with ragdolls when you use a ragdoll resizser and them huge their eyes are normal

there’s some convar that changes the size of the pupils. You or some mod probably set it too high.

how do i find out which one?

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A thing called sergal player model is creating script errors
so it was last supported in the old garry’s mod

Then disable that addon and check if it works fine afterwards.