When i spawn my models they are invisible.

So my model works on the hl2 model viewed (pink and black though), but when i try and put it in gmod, it spawns but its invisible, i know the models there because i can see the shape when i drag it across the floor or shoot it, so something must be wrong with the textures, ive tried all I can, written a .vmf put the materials into the correct place, but still nothing, i really don’t know what i have done wrong. all i know is that its really annoying and holding everything up :S.


Show me the model names (.vtx .dx80, etc)

ok, i have:


Check console, then work backwards to try and get it to work in HLMV. Double check all material paths and names for both the model (in Max) and the VMT.

hmm, i found this.

dir: “c:\users\jack\desktop
ew folder”
gamedir: “c:\program files\steam\steamapps\jackko\half-life 2\hl2”
g_path: “exempleQC”
Working on “exempleQC.qc”
SMD MODEL monkey_wrench.smd
SMD MODEL monkey_wrench_idle.smd
SMD MODEL monkey_wrench_phys.smd
WARNING: Bad collision model, check your smoothing groups!!!
aWARNING: Truncating model!!!
WARNING: monkey_wrench_phys.smd has bad smoothing groups
Model has 1 convex sub-parts
Collision model completed.

any help ?

I assume the unnamed one is .phy right? Anyway you should do what Myst suggested, see if it helps.

I got this error in console also.

MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for Mod\monkey_wrench.mdl

any help ?

Do a complete recompile of it. Export all the smds again and double check the qc.

I have this problem to with my prop, and saw an error (can’t really remember what it said but it was regarding the prop) that said it could not find the physics model for it. So i think their is something wrong with the .phy file. idk it’s just my guess. good luck!:slight_smile:

if you find a solution, please tell me hehe, and i will try that myst thanks. :slight_smile:

Can we see your .qc file plz?