When I start RustDedicated.exe it loads the game instead of the server

I have been running this server for a while and I made no change other than grabbing the latest update today, same thing I’ve done every week.
If I use my .bat file to load to server or just go directly into the exe it gives no message and just loads Rust (the game/client) instead of the usual server/console.
I’ve deleted everything and started over, I’ve rebooted, I’ve had some mushroom soup, I’ve tried with and without plugins, nothing helps :confused:

Has something changed that I missed?

Sounds like you need to add -batchmode in your command line, otherwise it will load the graphical console much like it does the normal game client. Can you confirm that that is in your command line?

Cheers, you gave me an idea which led to me getting it sorted.
My .bat file included -batchmode and other things but the server didn’t appear to be getting those arguments. I changed from a .bat to a shortcut to the exe and added my args in there and it worked. I can get back to plugin dev again!

Very odd.

my mistake and the next I open my server and carries is the black screen and does not load the server could help me?