when i try connect to server it disconnect me

When I want to connect to the server so it connects about 5-8 minutes and then it will write “the disconnect: timed out”. Will help re-install or something else ?

What addons do you have installed?
System Specs?

Either your network / computer is far too slow, the server is far too slow, or you’re connecting to a faulty IP of sorts.
Might also be either yours or Its millions of addons, Increasing load time significantly.
A server drops a connection if it takes too long to connect.

it was addon in garrysmod no in addon folder becouse a delete everything except addons folder

Could be your internet connection. If you have a buggy connection, it will delay packets, so your client, or the server thinks you are gone. Like when you unplug your network cable while playing. Sooner or later, your client will time out because it is hearing nothing from the server.