When i try spawn a door on gmod it....

When i try to spawn a door on gmod it freezes and crashes. I have no idea why it does it.
If you have any ideas will you please tell me


What kind of door? Is it from an addon? As far as I know vanilla gmod has no door stool…

no its on the original spawn menu, in construction props. like the blue on at the beginning.

Do you have any troubles spawning other props?
Also, try verifying your game cache. PC specs would be nice too.

What does it say when you crash is it the “HL2.exe has stopped working” or a different error

i have no trouble spawning any of the other props except all the doors. I’m sorry but i don’t know my computer specs, and yes it is “HL2.exe has stopped working”.


And how to you verify you game cache?

I had this problem as well.

I never actually fixed it, it just sort of went away on its own.

Very odd. To verify game files, right-click Garry’s Mod in steam and click properties. Then go to the Local Files tab and click Verify Game Files.

varifying game files didn’t work

Verify the HL2 game too, since that’s where the doors come from.

Do you own the game? I’m pretty sure this was fixed in a patch.