When In Ravenholm

Hello all! Since October, I’ve been working on a Garry’s Mod comic strip called “When In Ravenholm”, which I’ve been updating roughly every week or so on my website. The first storyline is now finished and contains 24 strips in total. I am in the process of compiling these strips and several extras, generated by myself and the kind people at the Foxhole Forums, into a “Collectible” pdf download for those who wish to catch up without clicking through HTML links. It should be ready within a couple of weeks, but in the meantime, please feel free to check out the strip itself.

EDIT – I pulled the Issue One strips off of the thread because loading times are starting to take way too long, even on high speed connections. Please use the link and choose “When In Ravenholm Issue One” to download the PDF with the original pages.

EDIT 2 – Issue Two’s PDF is now released! Use the download link in this post, or read the individual strips in this thread.

[release]ISSUE ONE PDF

This PDF contains:
-The first 24 strips
-3 bonus strips
-Extra Content by Foxhole community members

http://i567.photobucket.com/albums/ss112/MarshallsMachinima/When In Ravenholm Issue One/coverpage.jpg[/release]

[release]ISSUE TWO PDF

This PDF contains:
-Strips 25-50
-4 bonus strips
-A new short story by Silver Sorrow


It’s got an interesting plot, but the posing could use some work and the jokes seem a little forced.

I’m sorry, it seems promising but it’s annoying to have to click the thumbs in photobucket. Post the direct links.

Yeah, I started thinking that myself when I came back to look at the thread. FIXED.

This is pretty cool. Make more.

I really enjoyed reading this, I’m looking forward to seeing more.

this was great do continue

Continue you have me interested

“Do you feel a draft?”

I WANT SOME MORE! This is pretty cool! And some parts were funny =D

I lol’ed at the zombie bits towards the end.

work on the posing and the editing. the humor saves this.

Like, this is REALLY good xD


Add me to Steam, Bro!

That was hilarious, and awesome. Please make more.

“Excuse me, sir I found a suspicious looking baby. Eliminate?”

where is leonard?


Thanks everybody for your kind words! I will definitely be continuing this story with Issue Two shortly, I’m just currently finishing up the pdf version of Issue One, which will include a few bonus strips I’m making plus a couple of “artistic” and short story pieces by contributors from the Foxhole gaming site. I will post a link here when it’s finished for anyone who would like to read it, as well as a notice once I get started on Issue Two.

Not bad but you need to turn up your graphics. Also your speech bubbles and posing need improving.
Other than that, promising.

I thought it was pretty funny. Just work on your posing and you’re bronze. Not quite gold yet.

I think your color coordination is off. Add a little more… Yellow to your wardrobe, and you should be all set and matching, sister!

i enjoyed it

It was pretty funny. Keep up the good work!