When is next BP Wipe

I was wondering when the next forced BP wipe will be, i hae heard to will be on the 7th of April but i am not too sure, some help would be great thanks!

It is never clear on a BP wipe. But it may be the 7th or when they implement the XP system and BPs are never seen again.

why do they never be clear? :frowning:

Because at times it is not necessary. However, like kidmo stated, the next wipe will more than likely be the end of the bp era,so…it wont be necessary in the future

no they said the xp system will be out in may 3rd which is a long time away buddy

So does anyone know if there is a bp wipe on the 7th?

Yes you are correct but in reality that is one wipe away. So, whether or not a bp wipe happens Thursday or not it is getting closer to a point where wiping won’t be necessary due to the xp implementation in May (IF that happens)

Noone can know this for sure.

I don’t think that they gonna wipe bps before the implementation of the xp system which hopefully gets added with the wipe next month.

I cant see the point in playing then…


The developers rarely posts anything on these forums, they certainly never posts information about wipes. You may find information on thwir Twitter account for their latest work, but you’d have to read carefully and think about it. https://twitter.com/RustUpdates

That said, the best way to find out if there is a wipe, if its forced and/or bp’s involved is to read the devblog every thursday, it will be in there if there is a wipe and it is generally how everybody else finds out, so nobody knows before it happens.

These threads makes me tired.

hoooooooooooooooooo NNNNooooooooooooooooooooo HOURS OF COLLECTING BP’S GONE LOL

oh shit, this legit??? so close to the xp system this is going to miff a few ppl off! oh well

thank you very much for your reply <3

No problem, just thought I would share what I knew. Also do realize it seems 99% sure its gonna wipe, but who the hell really knows with this game.

Great, again facepunch did it… Third time i come back to rust after months off to grind BPs the last days of wipe only to find out that they decided to wipe BPs with no notice.

Shows no respect for players time, i get that it is alpha, i get that it is their damn game and they can do whatever they want. But is it too much to ask to give us some news about an incoming BP wipe? So we dont invest our time for nothing? What pisses me off is the lack of info… Not the fact that they are gonna wipe…

Its realy shit to get blueprints on a 200 player server with 3k map size. I dont understand why they decide to wipe blueprints too.

Dude it awesome to go on a server with couple friends build something and when you finely have a small base hunt people on Red towns i think it thrilling :slight_smile: I VOTE BP WIPE ever 2 week!

A week of empty servers/dead game isn’t ideal.