When is next "Force Wipe" Gonna be?

Just like to title says, i can’t see it anywhere if theres gonna be one.

I’m not a huge fan of the Force wipe but i know it has to be done at some point.

You could use the search function on the forum, would had given you the answer…

Anyway, the forced wipe normally happen the first thursday in month when servers across the board update to the newest patch

Thx, will use that function next time, also will theese “Force wipes” be a perm thing? Or is there a way to prevent it?

I assume as long as it stays in development that it will.
Granted, at times any server owner has the ability to wipe their own server outside of the slated monthly wipe.

I know, but it’s just an annoying thing to know that theres gonna be a wipe right after spend 5 hours into something :confused:

Wipes are important, necessary and make for better gameplay.

Even if you don’t consider the technical side of things, half the game revolves around the early stages of setting up shop and building to power. What’s the point of all the effort they’ve put into the early game, if people literally used that stuff once and then never again? Wipes also facilitate things like map refreshes (which I love - playing on the same map forever would get pretty stale).

People love wipes once they understand them. Every server has peak population numbers in the days immediately following a wipe.

I love updates, new stuff, fixes and even more new content, it’s just that i really wan’t to build a huge place with my friends, but it’s just that the wipes will be a problem. My friend agrees with me that Wipes ARE Annoying, but updates are great.

But i saw something about the “Force wipes” will mabye no longer be a thing, (Just something i remember from prev Devblog).

FIRST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH should just auto substitute when people type ‘forced wipe’/

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the search function on this forum is fucking terrible. I don’t blame people for not using/not getting results from it.

Nice passive aggressive answer that doesn’t answer the question. Next updates if they stick to the 2 week schedule are on oct 29th and nov 12, but the first thursday of the month will be the 5th of nov.

When will the next forced wipe be then? Will they release it early on the 29th? They did that once… will they wait for the 12th, breaking the 1st thursday tradition? Or maybe they will delay or early release one of the two patches so we have an update on the 5th?

Seems like an easy answer when you mindlessly paste the auto response you’ve been used to serving, but its not so clear. I have been asking this very question for over 2 weeks now and nobody knows.

Garry? I know you are lurking in here… give us something on this. I would very much like to know so I can schedule the wipes logically for my server.

When searching for “force wipe” I seems to get a good deal of topics, however as Deicide correctly ask, we don’t really know due to the new 2week patch shedule, in the end it’s only the devs who can tell us, though we might not be lucky enough to get one to answer us here.

Maybe we could just put at the top of the page in big capital letters:


It would cut down on half the posts in this forum…

I would expect they wont be done with Rust for another 1 to 2 years, so they will keep making the servers wipe every month.