When is next update?


Just wondering when the next update is?

Im not sure if this is the correct place to post this. But i gave it a try.

We don’t know. Maybe next week.

Follow Trello for a good summary of what’s completed.

Also, Garry’s Twitter provides updates that aren’t discussed on playrust.com

Seems like they updating this week


I wish FP would do like Squad does for KSP and push the update back a day everytime someone asks when it will be out.

(I don’t think they really do this, but it’s funny to tell that to people who ask.)

They should also implement a time delay on the dawn whenever someone asks when the sun is going to come up.

Yea, that would be funny Sievers808

It will come out between soon and never.

go to http://playrust.com/ there you will find all you need.

who cares?

you yes, not us.

Me and at least 65 people reading this thread probably too…

I know I care lol…I’d like more content, it’s getting pretty boring unfortunately

There is nothing visible on “next version” so ehm, i hope they got a secret stash of cards somewhere hidden :open_mouth:

If I remember correctly, There was never anything in that card to begin with, I think that is just to show the things the should be included in the next version to the right. Thats just to my knowledge though.

Wow… This is almost the exact same thing you said on the new spawn thread as well. Aren’t you just the little dickhead today.

Aren’t you just a peach? :zoid:


These will help.

The links dont help at all, They dont give any info at all when the next update is coming, which is the main topic of this thread.