When is release Clockwork HL2 RP?

Do you know?

why not ask the people who made it?

Okay, well this is a very common question, but here I’ll explain it.

So, the person who is creating it has only said its coming out soon, no actual release date. It’s to my probability that he did this because if there is a major script error and he starts releasing it, it would be quite the annoyance. And of course, he still has to decide what should stay in the gamemode and what he thinks is better if he takes out of course.

But, that does not mean he completely is keeping quiet about this until the release, that wouldn’t be smart of course. But, he simply hasen’t put an actual release.

If you so wish to see what is going on here are some links that you might find interesting:

Main Site:



And no, I am not hired by the creator at all or anything to do with him, I am just helping you understand what is going on so that if someone asks you in the future you can share the knowledge.

In a very short explanation… When it’s done.

HL2RP is coming soon but HL2RP 2 will be a while.