When is the next wipe?

Can you say it to me pls?

If i’m not mistaking, i think the next update will be one. I think i saw a /protocol++ in one of the last tweets in one of the past days.

I personally hope not, but i fear so…
correct me if i’m wrong though

lol, loving the new repair bench, (although it’s not so much of a “repair bench”, as a large wooden storage box with “repair bench” written on it)!

(Yes, I know it’s placeholder art, I just found it funny…)

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Rustafied: “Andre is working a ton on the procgen6 branch. These changes focus on how the map is procedurally generated including how the fauna spawns and how the roads are laid out … Don’t expect to see these changes in Thursday’s update, Andre told me the plan is to wait another week (to avoid a forced wipe).”

This sounds like they are trying to avoid a forced wipe this week, no?

From the info available, it sounds like they’re trying to avoid having a wipe this week, but next week will for sure.

That said, you never know. Always expect a wipe every update. If there’s no wipe, then we consider ourselves lucky.

True that. Yet i based my post on something i heard from others. Because when ever you look at the twitter posts Garry makes, there is something that indicates to server wipes. Someone told me when ever you see the /protocol++ in one of the messages, next (big) update will be wiped. This doesn’t include BP most of the times though.

I used to think protocol++ meant wipe too, however, it actually just refers to the version compatibility. You know how most servers disappear after some updates? That’s due to the protocol++ making out of date servers not compatible.

And yeah, all signs point to no wipe required with tomorrow’s update. As always though, server owners can still wipe at their discretion.

Good to hear.

Doesn’t version compatibility goes hand in hand with a server wipe? Mostly…?

Server is not going to be wiped. Garry stated it himself on rustafied.com, mystery solved.

That’s where the rest of us who said there wouldn’t be a wipe tomorrow got our info.

Rustafied.com isn’t written by Garry, it’s written by me, Bugs. I just get much of my info from Garry :slight_smile:

No clue about that. Just figured the info came from him, so i recall it being his :smiley:
But good to know :wink:

But that being said, to bad there will be no wipe… Just lost all my sh*t to a hacker -.- Would have loved to see it being wiped tomorrow on this moment.

I’d be down for a wipe. Haven’t played on main servers since I lost my stack of boxes.