When is this game going on sale then (no ban plz)

Or for free, will this be after the beta process?

Never, if you want it you shall have to pay for it.

This game is awesome! And Rust - not a shit DayZ Standalone. I think this game will on sale - NEVER. If G.N. start dev new game and say me - “60$ for this” - I buy. Coz this alpha is awesome and rly worth the money.

although the game is a alpha the game will never be free, if anything as the devs add more content the price of the game will only go up. id advise to buy it sooner than later and save yourself some dosh

Rust and DayZ are night and day. They are two completely and massively different games. You won’t get the experience of both games in either individually so Rust and DayZ comparisons are silly. Also for a “shit standalone” it’s sure doing pretty well.

*both have zombies as of this momment
*They are both survival games (There is food, water(soon on rust), and you’re a guy in the wilderness trying to survive
*Both games you can hunt animals and gather wood to start fires to cook food on them (not yet in standalone but is in other dayz or dayz clones like breaking point)
*They both have directional voip built in
*both have very large maps that never change (always the same level)
*in both of them you spawn with practically nothing at a random location
*both of them don’t really have a scoreboard or any scoring
*when you die you basically have to start over with nothing again (except in rust you have sleeping bag)
*both games you loot stuff and collect gears
*both games you can kill and loot any other player in the game
*both games are sandbox games
*both are multiplayer games which have high player counts per server
*both games have guns and melee weapons which you use to fight with
*both are persistent worlds that save you’re character when you exit.

its not even released yet…

You realize that aside from guns and built-in VoIP (although both have been done via plugins) you just described Minecraft right? So according to your logic and your itemized list, Rust is a ripoff of Minecraft.

You also complained on the DayZ forums that people just KOS and it’s just a “deathmatch” game. Have you played Rust…on an official pvp server?

Also, it seems funny to correct someone with nearly 200 hours of playtime in Rust, but you do not start with a sleeping bag in Rust when you spawn. Maybe you get one on some community server where they hand out carebear starter kits but that is not a default item you spawn with on a vanilla server.

And big surprise here but a few weeks ago you posted on FP that you mainly play on a PVE server.

So, I’m guessing people were mean to you in both DayZ and Rust. Only thing is DayZ doesn’t have carebear PVE servers and admins can’t give players or themselves a pile of free loot either.

The only real thing DayZ and Rust share is 2013’s hot gaming buzzword “survival” and zombies, which Rust developers have said are just placeholders.

DayZ and Rust are apples and oranges. You can compare them if you like but claiming they’re the same game only shows an utter lack of understanding.