when it comes to engines...

alright i have built many different kinds of engines… mostly piston engines tho :]
i keep running into problems tho with some things, such as after i adv dupe my shit breaks

i tried using hydralics to hold the pistons to the cylinders, that fails after adv dupe, ive seen sliders fail too.
does any one ha ve a technique on making this work properly?

Flame thruster with sound

Try advance ballsocket locking with freemovement checked and sliders in unison. This will reduce the spaziness.

  1. Build it.
  2. Dupe it.
  3. Paste it.
  4. Try it out.
  5. Remove it.
  6. Build more on the original.
  7. Dupe it.
  8. Paste it.
  9. Try it out.
  10. etc etc

The point is this: Never unfreeze the original contraption. Dupe it, and see if it works.

Unfreeze usually fucks sliders up. Try making an axis based engine. Much like a slapper, but using the right click axis. I’m sure you’ll come up with something if you experiment some.

well actualy i kinda got the sliders to work for once, with out having to deal with them breaking…
so its solved :] ty for the some-what help :]

hint*** rope is ur best friend when it comes to keeping sliders at the minimum control, i made my pistons perfectly, they do not wobble, and they only move as far as i want them too, with the ropes locking them from spazzing out :]
ive duped it plenty with no problems so far, and it seems to be working just fine :smiley:

so my suggestion to any body that wants to make engines with sliders, use ropes too annd STAY AWAY FROM HYDRAULICS :]